How to Play Online Baccarat

Chips and Cards

If the mysteries and sophistication of the casino game baccarat incite your interest, you’ll discover that online baccarat is the best way to learn the game. Online baccarat offers loads of player interactions, and the added fun of side bets at tables can enhance gameplay even more. This short summary of playing baccarat online should give you the confidence to check the game out more fully next time you’re playing the casino.

What is baccarat?

The dealer is integral to the game of baccarat and draws cards from a shoe, similar to the blackjack shoe. Eight packs of cards are used for all games, and the dealer draws them according to the rules of the game. In this respect, players don’t actually have that many in play decisions to make. During any games, the player needs to decide on the position likely to win the next hand, and the amount to wager for any bet. The dealer banks all of these bets, and makes payouts according to winning hands.

The game of baccarat is actually quite simple and is sure to add another dimension to casino play. The fact that the dealer has to do all the work in this game makes it easy to pick up too. Players can bet on their own hands, the dealer’s hand, or for a tie, and payouts are made according to bets made.

Online baccarat rules of play

The dealer shuffles all eight decks of cards before each game, and hands are then dealt. Four cards are dealt initially, with cards one and three to the player, and two and four to the dealer. In the online game, the total points of each hand are displayed on the screen. Any hand totalling eight or nine is classed as a natural and the rules of the game mean there won’t be any more cards dealt. The winning hand in any game is the one that’s closest to nine, whether that’s the player or banker’s hand. When both hands are the same, the game results in a tie. Where the first two-card hands don’t result in a winning hand, the dealer can then draw a third card. This is drawn face up to both the player hand and also, if needed, to the dealer hand.

Rules of third card draws

As already noted, the dealer is in charge of this game and goes by all game rules. The rules state that the third card can only be drawn if either player or banker has a score of less than eight or nine. Where player totals are lower than five, the draw is a forced issue.

How to play online baccarat

If this all sounds fairly simple, you’ll now need to learn all the different bet options in the game. These include: – bet on player’s hand – bet on banker’s hand – betting on a tied hand – bet on a player pair – bet on a banker pair Players can bet on either the banker or player hands, or the pairs or tie. Side bets are also a popular option.

Card values in online baccarat

All the cards from two through to nine have a face value, but the 10 through to the king cards are valued at zero. Aces are valued at one.

Side bets

The player pair/banker pair side bets are popular in this game and any side bet relates to whether or not the first two cards dealt to either the banker or player will be a pair. Players also make their traditional outcome bets when required, or can simply opt to bet on the player/banker pair option alone. One of the major advantages of this side bet is that it pays out at a 12:1 rate.

Playing online baccarat

Online baccarat games offer different table limits, including low, normal and high. This limit may be altered at certain times, but players receive a notification beforehand. The table limit selected will impact on the betting ranges available to all players. Rules of play are the same for online baccarat in any casinos, although not all dealers provide shoes with eight packs of cards.

Progressive jackpots are available in this game, and players have the option to select different styles of play. Players preferring faster gameplay can opt for turbo mode, which eliminates the dealing action, and just offers cards up for player bet decisions.

There are lots of ways to tailor the screen and audio settings within online baccarat. However, one of the reasons players like this game is its simplicity. This basic game enables additional side betting on different casino games during the course of any play session. Coupled with the allowable side bets within the game of baccarat it can make online baccarat even more fun and add more exciting elements to games.