How to Play Online Poker

Poker Chips on a gaming table

Poker is a hugely popular casino game, first hitting the sector at the start of the 20th century and targeting the elite player markets in swish global casinos. Growth in poker schools and major global poker tournaments have ensured this game is now firmly established as a player favourite. If you’ve never played before, this simple online poker guide offers all the tips needed to start playing for fun. Who knows, in a few months’ time you could be winning at one of the major Las Vegas poker tournies!

Quick start to online poker

Start learning the skills and fun of online poker play by first checking out the Texas Hold’Em game. This is one of the easiest games to learn and offers loads of player fun into the bargain. You’ll have every opportunity to learn the hands that count in any poker games, and despite early challenges, you’re sure to discover Texas Hold’Em adds more spice and rewards to online casino gaming. Texas Hold’Em is probably the most popular game in the poker world, so you’re always sure to find games at only casinos. H2>How to play Texas Hold’Em online

The No-Limit Hold’em or Texas Hold’Em game is very similar to traditional poker games played in bars and clubs anywhere. You’re dealt two face-down cards at the outset, and the dealer then dishes out five community cards. You can combine your own two cards with the communal cards to make up your own five-card playing hand. You don’t need to use both of your cards to make a hand, and you can even opt to make your hand from the cards on full view.

It’s then just a case of beating all other players at the table to grab the winnings! You can bet as much as you wish on your own hand, and each game features four betting rounds.

It’s really that simple. But, as you probably already appreciate poker could also be classed as a psychological game because it’s the amount of cash wagered by players that often determines the outcome of games. For example, if you went into your first bet at £100, it’s quite possible some players would fold at this point. They could even even hold a far better hand than yours! And, that’s really the main point of poker.

More about betting on poker hands

One of the most common newbie poker mistakes is thinking the hand held is better than it is in actuality. Holding a good hand is critical to the cash wagers you’ll make. There’s no point placing big bets on a pair of 7s, for example. Therefore, familiarity with the rankings for different hands is important to any play, but it’s also a good idea to check out statistics on poker play. When you appreciate the likely statistics for achieving a good hand in this game you will feel more confident about betting on any hand. For example, if you’re playing a three-card poker game, betting on that hypothetical pair of 7s could be a good call!

Poker hands ranked

The best hand in Texas Hold’Em is a royal flush, and this consists of the A, K, Q, J, 10 in the same suit. This is followed by a straight flush, which is sequenced cards in the same suit, for example, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7. A four of a kind hand is third in the rankings, and that’s when you have four cards at the same value, such as four kings.

Full house is next and is made up of a three of a kind alongside any pair. Five cards of the same suit are called a flush and are next in line, which is then followed by a run (or straight) which is a set of sequenced cards of any suit. Three of kind, two pairs, and one pair are all self-explanatory and are the last in the rankings, apart from a hard with just one high card, for example, Ace High. The Ace High hand consists of an Ace in any suit, combined with four lower cards in any sequence.

The easiest way to master the poker hand rankings is to keep them at your side during game-play until you feel confident you’ve picked them up.

Where can I play poker online?

There are lots of casinos offering online poker play, and it’s a game enjoyed by millions of people. Check out tables at your regular online casino. Different poker games have varying bet limits in place, so you can play for pennies if preferred. And, that’s always advisable for novice players! Online poker can be played from desktops or mobiles, so it’s available any time of day, from all locations with WiFi. Once you’ve mastered Texas Hold’Em you’ll find the world of poker opens up countless gaming opportunities to enhance your skills and fun even more!